Assetto Corsa Rules

VRA Virtual Leinster Trophy 2019

Race Day: Sunday 15th of September 2019

There is a bit of set up to do before your first race but if you join the facebook chat group and get on discord you'll find plenty of people willing to help with any issues you may have.

For our iRacing league please join the facebook group page here 

Joining The Server

  • ​In Assetto Corsa or Assetto Corsa Content Manager: search for VRA 
  • Pre Qualifying Server Password: vra1234
  • Fixed car setup (if applicable) will automatically load when you join the server

Race Format:

  • Pre-Qualifying - The Virtual Race Academy Servers are live all week, 24/7 for you to practice on. The practice session also acts as pre-qualifying, with the fastest 20 registered teams (Either drivers time) with valid going through to qualifying. Pre-qualifying closes at 7pm on race day. The fastest 20 registered teams ( fastest time from either driver) will be emailed the password for the qualifying and race server at 7pm on race day.
  • Drivers Briefing - All qualifying drivers must attend the drivers briefing on discord at 1pm
  • Qualifying - Qualifying starts at 1.15pm on race day and runs for 10 minutes. Qualifying is mandatory. If you don't qualify you don't race.  
  • Races - Race start is 1:00pm GMT.  The race will be 15 laps

General Race Rules

  • In order to race you must register 
  • In order to race you must have Ptracker installed correctly
  • In order to race you must Qualify in the top 20
  • In order to race you must be on Discord for drivers Briefing at 8pm

  • Please treat your fellow drivers with respect. don’t cut the track, don't crash into each other and everyone will have an enjoyable race!

    Drivers should be on Discord at least 5 minutes before drivers briefing at 8pm, if you are not on the channel you will not be allowed to race. 

    Communication is key to the smooth running of online race events. If only half the grid have the relevant info, the process simply does not work.


    Contact & Racing Incidents

    Motorsport is a non contact sport. If you make contact with another competitor during the race or qualifying, causing a disadvantage to the other driver you must concede your place within a lap.
    Failure to do so may result in a time penalty up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

    The quantity of contacts by drivers as recorded by STracker during qualifying and the race will be examined by race officials. Repeat offenders will be investigated and penalties up to a race ban or lifetime ban may be applied.

    If you are involved in an accident, do not leave your car parked on the racing line where it can cause interference to other drivers or further accidents.

    If you accidentally leave the track for whatever reason you must wait until there is a clear, safe gap before rejoining the track. Upon joining the track you must get up to speed as quickly as possible without blocking the racing line.

    Any on track incidents or accidents are not for open discussion on the Discord race lobby during the race. Should you have contact with another driver on track please wait until after the event to raise any issues you may have with the VRA  officials. 

    *Please remember some drivers are using powerful direct drive steering wheels and full motion rigs which can cause physical harm if there is an on-track accident. Do not intentionally crash into other drivers, even after the race is over!


    Reporting an Incident

    Race incidents will be assessed based on what is reported. Drivers have 24 hours to report an incident.  Users must email with a brief  description of the incident and what you would like to be looked at. Please include the time and circumstances of the incident and an onboard replay video of the incident where possible.

    Please only report race incidents you are involved in.

    We suggest you save all replays after each race to ensure you have all the required footage.

    Should you be found to be at fault after submitting an incident to be investigated, penalties may be applied to you.

    Pit Exit

    When you leave the pits do not pull onto the racing line. There may be faster cars behind you that you are not aware of, keep off the racing line until it’s clear and safe to do so.

    Track Limits 

    Do not deliberately cut the track. The white (or yellow) lines mark the edge of the road. Do not cross them with more than two wheels. Any driver reported for doing so will be investigated. If found to have gained an advantage or caused another driver a disadvantage  a time penalty up to a maximum of 30 seconds may be applied. The penalty is at the discretion of our officials.


    After the Race 

    After you pass the chequered flag, complete the lap and return to the pits. DO NOT CRASH YOUR CAR OR PARK UP ON THE TRACK. We live broadcast our races and cars piling into each other not only looks terrible, it doesn't give our commentary team enough time to run through the results and relay any critical info for the next race.


    Penalties for breaking the rules are at the discretion of the race officials and include:

    • Warning explaining the rule you broke PLUS time penalty.
    • Time penalty up to a maximum of 30 seconds
    • 1 race ban
    • Championship ban
    • Lifetime Ban


    • Green - Start of race / end of hazard / safe racing conditions
    • Blue - Car is lapped and must give way to faster cars approaching 
    • Yellow - Hazard on or near the track
    • Red - Race Session suspended (Potential Restart)
    • Black - Disqualification and potential penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Chequered - Session finished / winner 

    Back markers need to pay special attention to blue flags. Anyone causing an incident under a blue flag “which impacts on the results of the race will have any points scored in the race removed and will have to miss the next round of the championship


    Continued use of Foul language or verbal abuse to drivers or admin will not be tolerated and can result in a lifetime ban from VRA.

    Enjoy it!

    This is the most important rule! We want everyone to enjoy racing with us on the VRA servers. The house rules are here in black and white so everyone can see what we expect from drivers both new and old.

    Remember if you wouldn't do it in real life don't do in on the VRA servers.

    Cars and Tracks

    This Championship requires the RSS Formula 3 V6-.

    Download the car pack here:

    Want to Get Involved?

    You will require a PC, Steam Account with Assetto Corsa, Broadband connection, Steering Wheel and pedals and be able to drive fast. You will also need to read and understand the rules and regs and download the cars and tracks.

    There will be setups, pitstops, tyre changes, refueling, damage, penalties.


    Basic requirements are a PC with Assetto Corsa installed, a good internet connection and a graphics card suitable for gaming, a steering wheel and pedals and a suitable seat.

    Unfortunately Games consoles are not supported at the moment. If you have all of the above, please check out the rules and regulations page HERE to get started!

    If you don't have the required equipment  but still want to race, talk to us! we sell all the equipment and also have Sim Rigs available to hire and run race nights at VRA headquarters at Mondello Park on Wednesday evenings where you can use our sims. Contact Rob on 0866042184 or email for more information.

    Want to Watch?

    Races are live streamed on Facebook & Youtube on Wednesday Evenings from 8.30pm GMT.

    Click here to watch LIVE on Facebook

    Click here to watch LIVE on Youtube


    Want to Become a Sponsor?

    Virtual Race Academy is Ireland's premier online racing league. Our community is growing fast, our league attracts the best real-world and virtual racers in the country and our social reach is in the hundred's of thousand's.

    Contact us to get involved with Ireland's fastest growing e-sports league!


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