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VRA Group C 150 minutes of Sebring Challenge 

Race Day: Wednesday 19th June 8pm GMT

Hot on the heels of our hugely popular 2.4 Hours Le Mans, we're about to mix things up again and take on yet another Endurance Challenge. This time it's 150 minutes of Sebring in the ever popular Mazda 787B, Porsche 962 Longtail and the brutal Mercedes Sauber C9!

This 150 minute Endurance race will push drivers abilities to get the maximum from their cars, test their setup capabilities and will require extreme levels of car control. Make no mistake, this will be a true test of a drivers race craft!

Want to Get Involved?

You will require a PC, Steam Account with Assetto Corsa, Broadband connection, Steering Wheel and pedals and be able to drive fast. You will also need to read and understand the rules and regs and download the cars and tracks.

There will be setups, pitstops, tyre changes, refueling, damage, penalties.


Basic requirements are a PC with Assetto Corsa installed, a good internet connection and a graphics card suitable for gaming, a steering wheel and pedals and a suitable seat.

Unfortunately Games consoles are not supported at the moment. If you have all of the above, please check out the rules and regulations page HERE to get started!

If you don't have the required equipment  but still want to race, talk to us! we sell all the equipment and also have Sim Rigs available to hire and run race nights at VRA headquarters at Mondello Park on Wednesday evenings where you can use our sims. Contact Rob on 0866042184 or email info@vra.ie for more information.

Want to Watch?

Races are live streamed on Facebook & Youtube on Wednesday Evenings from 8.30pm GMT.

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