Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching

Whether you're racing abroad and want to learn a new track, want to use data to improve your lap times or have key areas you want to focus on and improve, Virtual Race Academy's Simulators and instructors can help you achieve your goals.

Once exclusive to  F1 & Le Mans drivers, simulators are now accessible to the clubman racer and can be used to great effect to gain an advantage over the competition. Based at Mondello Park, Virtual Race Academy is perfectly positioned to translate your on and off-track learnings into faster and more consistent lap times.

As the saying goes,

"the easiest nut to fix is the one behind the wheel!"

Home Simulator Hire

Driving a simulator for the first time is a bit like driving a racecar for the first time, you're not going to hop in and be quick immediately. There are some new techniques to learn. For this reason we offer simulators for hire, so that you can take one home and figure out all the basics in your own time. This is also a cost effective way to learn a new track, where repetition and muscle memory are key. 

Once you have learned how to drive the simulator and lap your chosen track consistently, then it's time to start working on the incremental improvements that will help you achieve your goals.

Home Simulator Hire Pricing 

  • One week: €100
  • Extra weeks €50

Drop off and collection is from Mondello Park by arrangement with full set up support included. A security deposit of €500 is required.

Sim set up includes laptop, Seat, chassis, headset, wheel (inc paddle shifters) and all required cables. The set up requires your own TV or monitor with HDMI input.


Sim Centre Hire

At Virtual Race Academy HQ we have 5 interlinked simulators, ranging from the basic home setup, to static triple screen and full motion with VR.

We have full data analysis, AIM SOLO data & video upload and professional instruction.

Tea, coffee & refreshments are also available as well as catering if required.

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Sim Centre Hire Pricing

  • Hourly: €125
  • Contact us for full or half day pricing:


Race Nights

On Wednesday evenings we run the Virtual race Academy Online Racing League. Withe the league we run various championships, in various types of cars on circuits all around the world.The championships are usually 5 rounds long (5 weeks) with great prizes up for grabs.

Races are livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube with Finals having live commentary.

If you don't have your own simulator you can come to Mondello Park on Wednesday evenings and use one our sims to race on.

Practice starts at 6.30pm, qualifying is 8.15, race 1 at 8.30 and race 2 at 8.50.

Race Night Pricing

  • Price per sim: €35

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