Virtual Race Academy

Ireland's no'1 Online Racing League

Want to join Ireland's best online racers? With live broadcasts, commentary, sponsors and amazing prizes the Virtual Race Academy online Racing League is the place to be!

Driver Training

Get The Competitive Edge!

Whether you race Fiesta's or classic Formula 1 cars, honing your skills on our VR simulators can enhance your performance on race day. Got a new track to learn? Want to upload data from your GPS lap timer? or analyse lap delta's versus your competitors? All of that and more is possible at Virtual Race Academy!

Ireland's Leading Driving Simulator Centre

Whether you're looking for a fun, safe and exciting event that will test your teams ability to work together or are a racing driver looking to find an advantage or learn a new track, our driving simulators are equipped to cater for your needs

Race Experience

Formula | Drift | GT3

We offer fully immersive race & drift driving experiences enhanced by HD graphics & audio which accurately replicate real world machinery. Whether you prefer the turbo spool of 2J powered drift car or the howl of a classic DFV V8 or anything in between, we have you covered!

Virtual Driving Experiences

Learn to race on our high -tech virtual reality simulators

Simulator Store

Individual components, driver equipment and fully built simulator rigs

Corporate Team Building

We offer a range of engaging and innovative corporate package that will truly challenge your team!

simulator Rigs

Browse our range of professional driver equipment & simulator components from top Motorsport & sim brands


Browse our range of pc's and accessories selected specifically for sim racing

Driver Equipment

Browse our range of professional driver equipment from Alpinestar, OMC and other brands

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